I have been pursuing my passion for photography since 2009, when I took a class at a community college and discovered the vision of bringing to life the beauty that surrounds us.  With an abundance of stunning landscapes surrounding Monterey County, we are rewarded with works of art waiting to be unveiled, one splendid hill, rolling wave or tiny detail at a time.  I see beauty through the lens of my heart and as the camera gives voice to this vision, I am honored to be able to share it with others.

I grew up with stories about the appreciation my grandfather had for God’s most perfect beauty found in nature.  A tribute written about my grandfather tenderly captures his passion:  “He loved life in all her moods.  Her winter snows, and tingling autumns lured him into their remotest joys and rewarded him with tired body and rested mind.  Her sun-flecked paths and streams of summer beckoned him far from the cares of life and gave him his peace and contentment.”  I too, am lured, time and again to capture a glint of sun, a shaft of light or the feeling of having witnessed the very presence of God through nature’s simplicity. 

I have found that photography requires a quiet walk with God and to be able to share the simple splendor of His creation is a privilege that humbles me.  What drew my grandfather in is the same pull that inspires a passion within me to share this beauty, and in so doing, I also am often rewarded with tired body and rested mind.  It is my hope for you that your visit to these pages will inspire and provide you solace.

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RobinSue Kimball


In memory of Michael Kimball and Frederick Gaze whose paths I dare to follow.